Extended Virtual Environment

eve Extended Virtual Environment 1993 Karlsruhe, Germany Software: Ralph Kondziella, Gideon May, Detlev Schwabe Hardware: André Bernhardt, Ralph Gruber, Armin SteinkeProduction: ZKM Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe EVE (Extended Virtual Environment) encompasses the conceptual and technical invention of a radically new form of interactive immersive visualization environment and virtual reality apparatus. In the center of a large inflatable dome two video projectors are mounted on a motorized pan/tilt device (a robot arm), which can move the projected image anywhere over the inside surface of the dome. The two video projectors present a stereo pair of images, and the viewers wearing polarizing spectacles see the projected imagery in 3-D. One of the visitors to EVE wears a special hat with a spatial tracking device that identifies the position and angle of that person’s head. This controls the positioning of video projectors so that the projected image always follows the direction of the viewer’s gaze. In this way the viewer can control the movement of the picture frame over the entire dome surface and interactively explore the video- or computer-generated virtual scenographies that are presented there. An optional joystick would allow the viewer to also control his forwards and backwards movement in the surrounding virtual … Continue reading Extended Virtual Environment