Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre Grand Opening Festival

2012 Hong Kong, China

A series of world-class art and culture performances, exhibitions and symposia were presented at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) to celebrate the grand opening of the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre (CMC). Included in the festival were a variety of world-class programmes, from dance and music performances, installation, to new media art exhibitions and animation. The opening production included The Four Infinities, a music theatre performance featuring classical Chinese instruments; Movement B, a dance show that includes a 3D projection; and Night of 3Dimensions, Hong Kong’s first 3D VJ dance party that combines digital art, 3D projections and electronic music. The first two performances are world premieres. Other programmes included exhibitions on sound installations, sustainable cinema and photographs depicting the lives of people living in the lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate in east Kowloon; animation screenings, symposia on art and culture, and the bridging of new and traditional media.

Exhibited artworks:

Tjebbe van Tijen, Creative Media Dragon Parade, 2011
Yasuaki Shimizu & Saxophonettes, Frequency Hong Kong, 2011
Steve Hui (a.k.a.Nerve), Ip Yuk Yiu, XEXGRP, The Four Infinities
Ulf Langheinrich, Ng Sze-wan, MOVEMENT B, 2011
Bernd Lintermann, Piero Glina, Oliver Wrobel, AreFriendsElectric?, Night of 3Dimensions
Tamas Waliczky, Adventures of Tom Tomiczky, 2011
John Choy, Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate, 2011
Miao Xiaochun, Microcosm
The Wooster Group, There Is Still Time… Brother, 2007
Jean Michel Bruyère, La Dispersion Du Fils, 2008
Sarah Kenderdine, Cédric Maridet (sound), Jeffrey Shaw, Pure Land 360, 2012

White Walls Have Ears (29/10/2011 - 30/4/2012), curated by Samson Young
-sound art exhibition

Remko Scha, Machine Guitars
Christina Kubisch, Electrical Walks, 2012
Steve Roden, Some Small Fires, 2012
Leung Chi Wo, Voices lapsed, 2011
Edwin Lo, Seven Rooms, 2011
Kingsley Ng, Etude: sound/scape I, 2011
Cédric Maridet, Auscultation I, 2011
Yeung Ngor-wah, Anthony, Listen Within ...( )... Live Without, 2011
Samson Young, Signal Path II: Sinister Resonance, 2011
Ed Osborn, Outfield, 2011

The Burning Edge: Making Space, Activating Form (13/1/2012 - 30/4/2012), curated by Robin Peckham
exhibition by faculty of the school of creative media
Hector Rodriguez, Gestus, 2011
Linda Chiu-han Lai, Door Games Window Frames: Near Drama, 2012
Patrick Tam, 13: Flower Calamity, 1977
Hui Nga Shu, Rita and Yu Ka Ho, Luo Feng Shan, 2011
Ip Yuk-Yiu, Between the threshold of Good&Evil (no. 2 The Big Sleep), 2011
Leino, Olli Tapio, killer.gif, 2011
Eddie Leung Hiu Ming, Cycle of Life, 2007
Leung Chi Wo, CC Bureau, 2004/2011
Samson Young, Machines for Making Nothing, 2011
Daniel C. Howe and Bill Seaman, Engine of Engines, 2012
Julian Lee in collaboration with Kwan Ng, Transporter, 2011
Scott Hessels, Sustainable Cinema, 2010
Robert Ellis-Geiger and Phil Shek Ming Fai, The Voices of Guizhou, 2011
Fu Hongbo, Adaptive Partitioning of Urban Facades, 2011
Ulf Langheinrich with the performance of Toshiko Oiwa, MOVEMENT Y, 2010-2011
Ulf Langheinrich, WAVEFORM A, 2005-2011
Koala Yip in collaboration with James Kong King-sin, Sonographer, 2011
Tobias Gremmler, TIMECODE, 2003/2011
Tamás Waliczky, Sculptures, 1997
Tamás Waliczky, Landscape, 1997
Phoebe Man, _ _ [email protected], 2011-2012
S. Louisa Wei in collaboration with Joyce Y. Huang, Dream under the Sun, 2012
Oscar Au, Handle-Aware Isolines for Scalable Shape Editing, 2007

Exhibition Record

2011/10/28 - 2012/4/30:  City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China