Panoramic Navigator

1997 Karlsruhe, Germany

Software: ZKM Multimedia Studio
Hardware: TV Systems

The Panoramic Navigator is a uniquely new interactive multimedia information terminal that embodies patented augmented reality technologies developed at the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The Panoramic Navigator allows the general public to intuitively orientate themselves in large spaces and quickly access information concerning selected features of those spaces. Rotating the Panoramic Navigator presents a complete 360 degree real time video view of the surrounding environment and points out and elucidates areas or objects of special interest via its touch screen and computer generated visual display.

Typical applications include trade fairs, civic centers, malls, hotels, museums, urban settings, etc - in fact any situation where information about products or services needs to be easily located and effectively presented within its real world environmental context. Custom modular sofware which readily enables such a range of applications is another feature of the Panoramic Navigator.

Panoramic Navigator Works