1968 Brighton, England
Coauthors: Jeffrey Shaw, Theo Botschuijver, Sean Wellesley-Miller

Production: Eventstructure Research Group, Amsterdam

Airgrounds were a new genre of air structures comprising soft, responsive ‘eventstructures’ that the public could physically interact with. They represented an artistic research into the possibilities of an expanded, interactive and responsive architecture, which was also lightweight and modular.

At the Brighton Festival the Airground took the form of a pyramid-shaped inflatable with a transparent outer skin and yellow, partially inflated inner skin. Visitors entered the tightly inflated outer skin through a custom-designed inflatable doorway, and once inside they could jump about freely on the large inner cushion.

An important characteristic of the Airground was that each person’s movements would affect the behavior of the structure as a whole, and thereby the dynamics of other participants’ experience. It was the invention of a sculptural medium that could physically stimulate, embody and express human interactions and interrelations.

Exhibition Record

1968 : Brighton Festival, London, United Kingdom

1968 : City of London festival, London, United Kingdom

1968 : Icograda, Kasteel Maurick, Vught, Netherlands