1974 Rotterdam, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Coauthors: Jeffrey Shaw, Theo Botschuijver

Production: Eventstructure Research Group, Amsterdam

The Diadrama was an audiovisual performance with over two thousand slides projected onto a large panoramic screen using three pairs of programmable Kodak Carousel slide projectors. This cinematic animation of photographed events was presented in theaters in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

While architectural constraints in these theatres dictated the use of a large curved screen, in the original conception Diadrama was to be projected onto three walls of a square room within which the audience was to be seated.

The main themes explored in this work were panoramic methods of representation, the dramatization of various simulated and expanded cinema situations, and the collage of spatial and temporal event.

Much of the photography was done by rotating a 35mm photo camera with a wide-angle lens through three positions so as to capture a 270-degree field of view. This enabled the authors to constitute an immersive panoramic perceptual space that located the audience at the locus of the camera. 

This work in many ways prefigured academic and industrial research begun in the ’80s on immersive ‘virtual reality’ projection environments.

Exhibition Record

1974/03/16 - 03/22 : Lantaarn Theatre, Rotterdam, Netherlands

1974/04/19 - 04/21 : University Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands