Fall Again, Fall Better #3

2020 Bad Rothenfelde, Germany
Coauthors: Jeffrey Shaw, Sarah Kenderdine

Software: Sinan Goo

    Fall Again, Fall Better #3 is a 20-channel video projection installation, where groups of computer-modelled human figures are seen to fall one after along the 250-meter length of its projection surface. When all have fallen, they rise up again and repeat the domino-like sequence.

    Each of these synthetic human figures is constructed according to the physiology of a push puppet. A computational model of this toy is applied to the musculoskeletal physiology of the simulated human figures, causing a characteristic dis-jointed behaviour in their acts of falling and in the resultant disorder of their body and limbs. This algorithm also incorporates a random function that causes the groups of figures to fall differently each time, so that each derangement of fallen bodies is singular and never repeats.

    The installation's title contains a reference to Samuel Beckett's most famous and bleakly uplifting quote: "Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Failure and falling are synonyms in a language of anxiety that has always haunted the global consciousness. It is a discourse that travels from the metaphysics of the Fall and the mortality of all life forms, via history's natural disasters and man-made calamities, to arrive at the Buster Keaton tragicomedy of our everyday mishaps. In this frame of mind, the installation is a monument to the fallen that takes the form of a risibly cruel theatre of continuous re-enactment. Here, each viewer is both witness to and inter-actor in a Beckettian striving for the betterment of the fall that can be rehearsed time and time again.

    Fall Again, Fall Better #3 is distinct from Fall Again, Fall Better (2012) and Fall Again, Fall Better #2 (2019) in that it is a 20-channel video installation, whereas the other two works are single (or dual channel) interactive installations.

    Exhibition Record

    2021/10/22 - 2022/02/20

    lichtsicht 7 Projection Triennale, Bad Rothenfelde, Germany