1976 London, England
Coauthors: Jeffrey Shaw, Theo Botschuijver, Sean Wellesley-Miller
Designed by Theo Botschuijver

Production: Eventstructure Research Group, Amsterdam

A helium-inflated pig was designed specially so that it could be photographed flying over London’s iconic Battersea Power Station for the cover of Pink Floyd's Animals album. It was manufactured in Germany in the same factory that made Zeppelins.

While it was being flown it accidentally came free and flew many kilometers over London before landing in the countryside, thereby attracting a lot of attention and press coverage.

A similarly designed air-inflated pig was made for Pink Floyd's live performances. This one flew on a cable over the audience and then exploded, releasing the aroma of freshly fried bacon.

Exhibition Record

1976/12/02 - 12/03 : Battersea Park, London, United Kingdom

2017/05/13 - 10/15 : The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Moral Remains, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, United Kingdom

2018/01/19 - 07/01 : The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Moral Remains, Museo di arte contemporanea di Roma (MACRO), Rome, Italy

2018/10/16 - 2019/01/20 : ANiMAL: Art Science Nature Society Exhibition, CityU Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2019/05/10 - 09/15 : The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Moral Remains, IFEMA, Madrid, Spain