Sonus Lux

1987 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Coauthors: Jeffrey Shaw, Harry de Wit (sound)

Sonus Lux was commissioned on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Felix Meritis building, in Amsterdam. In this ‘son et lumière’ performance, computer-programmed lighting dynamically articulated the elegant neo-classical features of the Felix Meritis facade. The lighting fixtures were mounted on a truss sculpture that cantilevered out from the building, and whose shape echoed the architectural design of its facade. The conceptual intention was for this structure to create an architectonic reflection that would light the building. Music composed specially for this occasion by Harry de Wit accompanied the light performance.

Transparent acoustic panels mounted to the exterior walls of the building made up a second element of Sonus Lux. By putting an ear against these panels, passersby could hear music playing as if it were emanating from the walls themselves. In this way the installation suggested that one was listening to the acoustic memories of the Felix Meritis building, because over its 200-year history numerous concerts had been performed there.

Exhibition Record

1987/09/17 - 10/11 : Felix Meritis 1787-1987 Festival, Shaffy Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands