Utopia Triumphans

2002 Berlin, Germany
Coauthors: Jeffrey Shaw, Bernd Lintermann

Software: Bernd Lintermann

Initially this work was developed as a stereoscopic projection for a concert of the Huelgas Ensemble conducted by Paul van Nevel and performed at Zeitfenster Biennale Alter Musik 2002 in the DaimlerChrysler Building, Berlin.

In its later iterations it became an interactive 3-D computer-graphic installation that provides an evolving and elucidating visualization of the polyphonic music of the Renaissance. Custom software randomly selects from a vocabulary of architectonic forms that are added, removed and transfigured to create the artwork’s dynamically developing visual compositions. Comprising a variety of iconographic frameworks for spectators to select from, these metaphoric and synesthetic structures reach out to engage the viewer as they unfold in a seemingly organic manner.

Exhibition Record

2002/04/20 - 04/20 : zeitfenster: Biennale Alter Musik, DaimlerChrysler Building, Berlin, Germany

2014/08/08 - 08/27 : Jeffrey Shaw and Hu Jieming Twofold Exhibition, Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, China

2021/12/18 - 2022/08/28 : BioMedien, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany