Bitte berühren

1992 Karlsruhe, Germany

The recent development of recording and reproducing technologies using lasers has led to the development of a comprehensive range of new products, such as the most popular Compact Disc.

The video (or laser) disc is another example. This product is especially interesting because it allows fast and arbitrary access to image and sound. A video disc can capture up to 54,000 images, and the tiny laser beam that reads these images can jump from one location to the next in a fraction of second. Due to this special technical possibility, an artist who works with this medium can create a non-linear narrative structure with individual image sequences in which the arrangement of the image reproduction is variable and interactively controlled by the observer.

The four artists of this exhibition are users of this new medium. Each of these artists used the interactive and non-linear possibilities of video disc to design a video installation that invites the viewer to enter and explore the exciting space of images and thoughts.

Exhibited artworks:

Ken Feingold, The Surprising Spiral, 1991
Lynn Hershman, Deep Contact, 1984
Bill Seaman, The Watch Detail, 1990
Grahame Weinbren, The Erl King, 1986

Exhibition Record

1992/5/22 - 6/8:  Drei Projekte, Unterkirche der Ev. Stadtkirche Karlsruhe am Marktplatz, Karlsruhe, Germany