1993 Karlsruhe, Germany

Since 1991, the ZKM Institute for Visual Media, with its small staff of engineers and artists, has been engaged in high level research and development of new media tools for artist applications. At the same time it has offered the opportunity to international artists to come and work at the Institute and create new artworks with the advanced media technology resources that are located there. The MultiMediale 3 offered the opportunity to present the first results of Institute’s in-house research publicly and to exhibit the works of their artists-in-residence.

The projects at the MultiMediale indicate the success of significant cooperations between the ZKM and major local institutions such as the Nuclear Research Center Karlsruhe, and the University of Karlsruhe. Art and science have always been involved in the interpretation and re-creation of reality. It is an exercise of human imagination, creating concepts, forms and images that imbue our lives with special meaning. Artists working with the new media technologies are making a journey of discovery in a new creative terrain. They are making artworks that invite the public to enter and share the excitement of a new found land of forms and experience.

Curated by Jeffrey Shaw, NewFoundLand was an exhibition of interactive installations produced at the ZKM Institute for Visual Media during 1992 and 1993.

Exhibited artworks:

Heiner Blum, Augen tauschen, 1987-1993
Jean-Louis Boissier, Flora petrinsularis, 1993
Frank Fietzek, Tafel, 1993
Frank Fietzek, Die Mappe, 1992/1993
Frank Fietzek, Von den nützlichen Dingen, 1993
Agnes Hegedüs, The Televirtual Fruit Machine, 1993 
Agnes Hegedüs, Handsight, 1992
Gideon May, The Table with the Spirits, 1993
Paul Sermon, The Telematic Vision, 1993
Jeffrey Shaw, Royal Road, 1993
Jeffrey Shaw, Disappearance, 1992
Tamás Waliczky, Retrospektive. Arbeiten von 1987-93
Tamás Waliczky, Sebastian Egner, Jeffrey Shaw, The Forest, 1993 
Jeffrey Shaw, EVE (Extended Virtual Environment), 1993
Eyal Cohen, HEUS- Hot Early Universe Soup, 1993
Uwe Kühnapfel, Virtual Reality-Szenarien mit KISMET, 1991/93
Monique Mulder, u.a., Catal Hüyük, 1992/93
Michael Naimark, Field Recording Studies, 1992/93 
Jeffrey Shaw, Virtual Museum, 1992/93
Christian Ziegler, Digitale Planungsräume, 1993 


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Exhibition Record

1993/11/6 - 11/13:  Multimediale 3, ZKM_Lichthof 9, Karlsruhe, Germany