NewFoundLand II

1995 Karlsruhe, Germany
Cocurators: Jeffrey Shaw, Manuela Abel, Nüria Büisah, Manfred Hauffen, Astrid Sommer

The MultiMediale 4 took place in the same place as the second MultiMediale at the former Opel workshops of Badenwerk AG in Karlsruhe. The industrial halls were already under construction for the opening of the ZKM. In this concentrated and comprehensive art event, works produced at the Institutes as well as the acquisitions of the museums were presented in two exhibitions, providing an initial overview of the work to be shown in the later museums.

Led by Jeffrey Shaw, NewFoundLand II, as a continuation of NewFoundLand (1993), showcased the works of the scholarship holders at ZKM and guest artists during 1994 and 1995.

Exhibited artworks:

Peter Callas, Men of Vision, 1993
Caroline Dlugos, Aus fremden Gärten, 1995
Chris Dodge, The Winds that Wash the Seas, 1994/95
Agnes Hegedüs, Between the Words, 1995
Toshio Iwai, Piano as an Image Media, 1995
Eric Lanz, Les gestes 2, Index. Lexique. Synthese, 1994
Yasuaki Matsumoto/Masayuki Towata, Schwerkraft und Gnade, 1995
Miroslaw Rogala, Lovers Leap, 1994/95
Bill Seaman, Passage Sets, 1994/95
Maja Spasova, Sibyl, 1995
Maja Spasova, The Portrait Gallery, 1994/95
Stacey Spiegel, Crossings, 1995
Signe Theill, Welten, 1994/95
Tamás Waliczky, The Way, 1994
Jeffrey Shaw, Telepresent Onlookers, 1995
ZKM, artintact 1 und 2, 1994/95
Frankfurt Ballet / ZKM, Improvisation Technologies, 1994

Exhibition Record

1995/5/13 - 5/21:  Multimediale 4, Opelgelände, Karlsruhe, Germany