1993 Vienna, Austria

Software: Bas Bossinade
Hardware: Bas Bossinade, Huib Nelissen

    The movement of a very large CRT video monitor mounted on an industrial forklift truck creates a virtual representation of a larger-than-life-sized pirouetting ballerina.

    As the forklift shifts the monitor up and down, the ballerina is presented from head to toe, and when the forklift rotates, the ballerina also appears to turn. In this way the monitor functions as a window that gradually reveals the virtual presence of the ballerina, who is twirlinz in the same axis as the rotating forklift truck.

    Also visible inside the motor compartment of the forklift truck is a small rotating ballerina figurine, in front of which a video camera moves up and down. This mechanism is electronically synchronised with the movement of the forklift itself and provides the closed-circuit source for the video image of the ballerina that is seen on the monitor screen.

    Disappearance evokes and apprizes the faded memory of those little ballerinas that pirouette on top of music boxes—a figure that could be described as a first-generation robot. The artwork devotedly undertakes her virtual reconstruction to the point where the machineries of reproduction themselves incarnate her pirouettes.

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    Exhibition Record

    1993/11/05 - 11/13

    NewFoundLand, MultiMediale 3, Hallenbau, Karlsruhe, Germany

    1994/07/22 - 11/06

    Automata, World Festival Exposition MIE 94, Nagoya, Japan

    2009/10/10 - 2011/05/08

    IMAGINING MEDIA@ZKM, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany