Three Signifiers

1994 Utrecht, Netherlands

Software: Bas Bossinade
Hardware: Bas Bossinade

Three Signifiers is a permanent installation in Central Station in Utrecht. It occupies a transient space where users of the station move between the escalators on one side and across the room to the revolving doors on the other side.

Three Signifiers sets out to imbue this non-space with an aesthetic significance by setting up three iconographic and technical configurations that provide a conceptual and operational dialogue with that space.

Firstly, at the top of the escalator and in direct line with its angle of movement, a blue neon ladder is attached to the glass ceiling, partly inside and partly protruding through the glass to extend into the sky.

Secondly, in the centre of room itself there is a monumental pedestal with a glass case on top, inside of which there is a red neon architectural-scale model of that room.

Lastly, inside the central alcove of the revolving doors there is a video monitor that turns with the door. This video monitor is connected to a closed-circuit video camera that is centrally located on the ceiling of the room, and which also rotates in synch with the movement of the revolving doors. In this way a person using these doors sees a live rotating aerial view of the room on the monitor screen. For those entering the room it will be a preview, for those leaving a memory.

Exhibition Record

1994/05/18 - : Central station, Utrecht, Netherlands