Anamorphic Drawing Table

1980 Utrecht, Netherlands
Coauthors: Jeffrey Shaw, Theo Botschuijver
Designed by Theo Botschuijver

Production: Eventstructure Research Group, Amsterdam

    An anamorphosis is a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image. There are two structural iterations of this anamorphic sculpture, which present the form of a typical architect’s adjustable drawing table.

    One is situated in a park and has four independent wooden elements, which only from one particular point of view visually join together to create the image of the drawing table. From all other angles of view the sculpture appears as a more or less abstract formation.

    The other sculpture is situated on a street pavement. It conjoins two images that can only be recognized from two separate points of view. Seen from one direction it appears as a plain circular object, while from the other direction it reveals the drawing table. Again, when viewed from all other angles the sculpture is an abstract form.

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    Exhibition Record

    1980/10/13 - 10/22

    Efficiency Beurs 1980, RAI, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    1981/04/17 - 05/17

    Stalen Stoelen 1925-1940 , Emmaplein, Groningen Museum, Groningen, Netherlands

    1981/05/25 - 06/15

    Stalen Stoelen 1925-1940 , Ahrend Projektcentrum, Utrecht, Netherlands

    1993/06/19 - 09/05

    Amsterdam Rijke Stad, ICA Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands