Corrida – Logique de la Perception

1982 The Hague, Netherlands
Coauthors: Jeffrey Shaw, Fabienne de Quasa Riera, Shusaku Takeuchi

This performance took place in two adjacent rooms. In the first room the Japanese dancer Shusaku Takauchi presented a live butoh performance, which took place on, and around the edge of, a raised circular steel construction. Within this construction the image of a black bull was painted on the white floor.

A video camera recording Takauchi’s movements on the platform was connected to a computer in the second room, where a large video projection showed a digitally manipulated version of his performance. This image processing was characterized by a very slow frame-rate and the reduction to a purely black-and-white representation. In this way the projection created a visual conjunction of the three main performance elements—the image of the bull, the circular steel structure above it, and the body of the dancer—which was shown like an animated sequence of still pictures. The projection was accompanied by loud paso doble music normally played at a bullfight, albeit very much slowed down.

Exhibition Record

1984 : De Meervart, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1983 : World Wide Video Festival, Kijkhuis, The Hague, Netherlands

1983/10/30 - 10/30 : Mickery Theatre, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1983/12/02 - 12/02 : Live Video, Time Based Arts, Amsterdam, Netherlands