Memories of Certain Elements

1982 Rotterdam, Netherlands
Coauthors: Jeffrey Shaw, Fabienne de Quasa Riera

This was a performance installation at De Lantaren theatre in Rotterdam. When entering the theatre, members of the audience looked through an augmented-reality projection console, where they saw an animated computer-generated image of a swing that was superimposed on the artist Fabienne de Quasa Riera, who was swinging on a real swing in the centre of the performance space.

Two slide projectors were sandwiched into the swing seat facing opposite directions. Each projected an image of the performer and created a further mediation of the swing during her performance. As she swung back and forth inside the room, these images swung as well, projecting across the floor, walls and ceiling.

At the conclusion of the performance the audience again passed by the augmented-reality projection console. At this juncture Fabienne de Quasa Riera had positioned herself in front of the console window, with her bared abdomen facing it. As a consequence the visitors again saw the virtual computer generated swing in motion, but this time it augmented the immediate zone of the artist’s belly.

Exhibition Record

1982/12/08 - 12/11 : De Lantaren, Rotterdam, Netherlands