Emergences of Continuous Forms

1966 London, England
Coauthors: Jeffrey Shaw, Tjebbe van Tijen

Emergences of Continuous Forms was one of a series of performances and installations in this period which explored various methods of extending the cinematic image into the space of the viewers and of provoking the viewer's physical interactivity in the cinematic experience. Located in the basement ‘happenings’ space of Better Books in London, multiple semitransparent projection screens hung in two rows over the length of the gallery, thereby producing a spatial materialization of the film images. One of these screens had a transparent compartment filled with white balloons—tubes coming out of the screen allowed the public to inflate these balloons and so control the shape of the projection surface. Smoke was also used to create another three-dimensional continuum for the projected image as it passed from one screen surface to another. This installation extended out into the streets of London with a procession of costumed performers and musicians.

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Exhibition Record

1967/2/3:  Better Books, London, England