Glove Screen

1967 London, England

This work was one of a number of interactive expanded cinema installations created for the exhibition This Is No Thing—This Is a Situation of Opportunity (1967) at the Kingly Street Gallery in London.

It was a shallow rectangular box with an array of translucent white surgical gloves fitted into a wooden panel on one side, and a transparent acrylic panel on the opposite side. An inverted vacuum cleaner was connected to this box, and using a foot switch, viewers could switch it on, forcing air into the box and causing the drooping gloves to slowly inflate and finally all extend erectly forwards towards the viewer.

The film Continuous Sound and Image Moments (1966) was projected onto the back side of this box, going through the acrylic panel and into the holes where the translucent gloves were fitted. As a result, as the gloves inflated, the back-projected image moved up from the wrist area of the gloves and into their fingertips.

On other occasions the painting Les Palais des Merveilles by Clovis Trouille was projected onto this Glove Screen.

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Exhibition Record

1967/02/27 - 03/20 : This is no Thing - This is a Situation of Opportunity, 26 Kingly Street Gallery, London, United Kingdom

1967/04/16 - 04/16 : Air Light Sound Sight, Theatre Royal Stratford, London, United Kingdom