Engaging With Castiglione’s Horses

2022 Hong Kong, China
Coauthors: Jeffrey Shaw, Sarah Kenderdine, VFXNova

    The installation features mythological steeds brought to life through line-drawn animations. These animations are based on motion capture data from real horses, adopting the artistic style of Giuseppe Castiglione. Drawn in the style of Giuseppe Castiglione, and inverting the black and white colours of his original 100 horses sketch, these animated horses subtly respond to visitors' presence, location, and movements in real-time.

    The behaviors of these horses were modeled after observations at a riding school, where actual horse interactions were studied. The animations are projected onto a 10-meter-wide screen, equipped with sensors to track viewer positions and movements. The interactive programming of the installation is continually being refined for optimal audience engagement. An analysis of viewer interactions guides the fine-tuning process to enhance the immersive experience.

    Exhibition Record

    2022/07/03 - 12/31

    Grand Gallop: Art and Culture of the Horse, Hong Kong Palace Museum, Hong Kong, China