Procession of Tribute Horses

2022 Hong Kong, China
Coauthors: Jeffrey Shaw, Sarah Kenderdine, Jeremy Ip

    The artwork utilizes lenticular printing, a method that imparts a 3D depth illusion to 2D images. The piece draws inspiration from paintings of tribute horses within the collection of the Palace Museum, including those by Giuseppe Castiglione, who contributed to a hybrid style that merged Western realism with traditional Chinese artistic elements. The artwork comprises 24 lenticular prints presented in a significant 10-meter-wide and 6-meter-tall lightbox.

    Ten horses were digitally extracted from the original paintings by Jean Denis Attiret, displayed in the Museum. These horses are integrated into a singular procession, illustrating their journey from a distant point to life-size presence in the gallery. Background components from the original paintings were combined to craft a cohesive backdrop for this immersive three-dimensional tribute horse parade.

    Exhibition Record

    2022/07/03 - 12/31

    Grand Gallop: Art and Culture of the Horse, Hong Kong Palace Museum, Hong Kong, China